90 Ball bingo is the most popular of all bingo games online. Being derived from our classic version of land based bingo, it has made a huge impact with the online players in Europe and South America. Now that we can legally play bingo online in New Jersey, it is sure to be a big hit.

One of the great features of playing bingo online is that you will never miss a number when it is called. Finally we get to reap the rewards of technology. No more having to go through 20 cards while trying to match up a number before the nest number is called. The introduction of auto- dab has leveled the field for bingo and especially 90 Ball bingo. The auto-dab has been integrated into all the 90 Ball bingo games so playing becomes easier and less stressful. Take advantage of the extra time and utilize the chat rooms that are provided to discuss almost any topic. These chat rooms are especially informative in finding out when the large Bingo jackpots will be played.