How To Play 90 Ball Bingo

The Basics

In the United States, we traditionally play a version of bingo called 75-ball bingo, whereby each card consists of 5 columns (B-I-N-G-O) and 5 rows with a free play in the middle of the card. What is currently offered online in New Jersey is the popular UK version called 90-ball bingo.

Just as the name describes, 90-ball bingo is a ball based game played a total of with 90 balls that are called to match numbers on a card (or ticket). The biggest difference between 90-ball and 75- ball bingo is that in each game of 90 ball bingo there three winners not just one winner per game like 75-ball.

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The Cards

Another big difference between 75 and 90 ball bingo is the arrangement of the cards. Similar to the popular 75-ball bingo, 90-ball bingo is also played with cards marked with numbers.

While the proportion varies somewhat from operator to operator, this is what is most commonly offered right now in New Jersey. It’s important to note that these percentages are reflective after the operator’s costs and other deductions such as reserves for Super Jackpots and payout to free play. Typically an operator will deduct 20% to 30% of the gross pot.

If there are two or more people that complete a row or ticket at the same time the prize is split evenly amongst the winners.

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Strips versus Tickets

In keeping in line with the land based bingo experience, many operators choose to sell tickets in groups of 6, also known as a strip. The words tickets and cards are used interchangeably. Some operators don’t want to be confined by the old traditional 6 strip and choose to sell the tickets individually. It varies operator by operator. There is no advantage or disadvantage to selling individually or per strip, it’s just an operator preference. What is important is that you need to be aware of which you are buying, a ticket or a strip as it will greatly impact your total purchase amount.

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Not everyone’s spend appetite is the same and therefore operators offers different ticket or strip prices to accommodate various players. Rooms can be co-mingled at the various ticket prices or kept separately. For example, some sites offers.

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Free Play

You are only eligible to win a set fixed prize ranging from $2.5 to $12.13 per ticket depending on how many lines your win. Second, you’re not eligible win either the community jackpot or the super jackpot.

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One of the most popular features of online bingo that makes it superior to playing in your local bingo hall is auto-dabbing. Auto-dabbing allows you to mark off each number when it is called automatically so you will never miss a bingo or jackpot. Now you can sit back and just enjoy the game, either chatting with new friends in the chat room or maybe playing mini-side games if they are offered.

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Chat Rooms and Moderators (CMs)

Another great online feature is the chat room. Each room bingo room has a chat area where you can congratulate winners, let people know how many balls left to win or just shoot the breeze about your day. Each chat room typically has a Chat Moderator or Chat Host to welcome and entertain you throughout your play. You will easily be able to identify them because they usually a CM or the word ‘Host’ next to their name. In between games, you Chat moderators or hosts will offer fun word or trivia games. Test your smarts! It’s fun way to pick up a quick $1 or $2!

  • However, with 90-ball bingo each card or ticket is marked with numbers up to 90, consisting of 9 columns and 3 rows.
    Each ticket has 27 spaces which is made up of 9 columns by 3 row. Similar to 75-ball bingo, each row is restricted to a specific set of numbers to make following multiple tickets easier.
  •  The first column only has numbers from 1 to 9, the second only has numbers 10 to 19, third column 20 to 29 and so on until the last column which has numbers 80 to 90.
  • Unlike 75-ball bingo cards, each ticket doesn’t have all of the numbers filled in. Each row has 9 spaces, but only 5 of them are filled in on each line leaving 4 spaces blank.
  • A total of 15 spaces are filled in per ticket.

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How to Win

The goal of 90-ball bingo is to complete the row by getting all five numbers on the line. Given, there are 3 rows on every card, there are 3 winners in every 90-ball bingo game.

  • One Line: The first prize is first person to complete any row of 5 numbers on a single ticket before anyone else; it doesn’t matter which row is completed.
  • Two Line: the second prize is the first person to complete any two rows on a single ticket. This could be the same winner as the 1-line.
  • Full House: Finally is first person to complete all three rows, also known as a full house. Again this could be the same winner as the 1 or 2 line card.

Breakdown of Splitting the Pot

Given that there are three winner in each 90-ball bingo game, the pot must be split across the three winner. The breakdown of the pot varies by lines won and is typically as follows:

Moderator or Chat Host to welcome and entertain you throughout your play. You will easily be able to identify them because they usually a CM or the word ‘Host’ next to their name. In between games, you Chat moderators or hosts will offer fun word or trivia games. Test your smarts! It’s fun way to pick up a quick $1 or $2!

Chat, Trivia & Word Games: Chat, trivia and word games are offered by bingo chat hosts or moderators typically in between games. Chat, trivia and word games are typically offered for small prizes but can also be offered for free.
Mini-Casino Side Games: Almost always online bingo is accompanied by mini-casino games that reside either inside the bingo window or somewhere close to the bingo game. It’s a popular pastime for many bingo players! Play your favorite slots or table games while you watch those bingo balls drop. Mini side game are the perfect complement to get that extra thrill.

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play bingo online


Progressive jackpots another popular feature to the 90-ball bingo experience. Most jackpots are hit by reaching a bingo within a pre-specified number of bingo balls. For example, on Tropicana and Virgin Casinos, any player who plays with a paid ticket and reaches a full-house within 51 balls or less are entitled to the jackpot payout. Jackpots are either awarded to the winner only or on community basis whereby portion of the pot is divided up giving the winner 50% and the rest of the community remaining 50%.

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Ticket Auto-Sort & Countdown

Almost all only bingo operators auto-sort your best cards to always be on top. This makes monitoring your bingo cards much easier to follow. To make it even more exciting, as you get closer and closer to reaching bingo, the bingo cards start to heat up by changing color. Starting at 3 to go, then 2 to go and then 1 bingo card to go! You can almost taste the win. You will never miss hitting that bingo button now!