Tropicana Casino New Jersey Bingo Review

Online Bingo Casino Review

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Tropicana Casino’s bingo promises to give you more ways to win, and they have certainly delivered on their promise! From their cash back welcome rebate, to their unlimited number of free bingo games, plus the bingo only Super Jackpots and site wide Community Jackpots, there is serious value here. Tropicana’s motto is MORE: More fun, More Value, More Variety and that certainly comes shining through at Tropicana Bingo.

trop-videoHaving launched bingo in March 2015, Tropicana is keen to make sure the player experience is unparalleled and are willing to give away a bit more right now to get the action going. The bingo game is integrated into their award winning casino site, allowing you to play both bingo and casino from the same account. So when you’re in between bingo games, fire up your favorite slot or test your luck at the roulette wheel.

Tropicana is offering a variant of bingo called 90-Ball bingo which is currently  popular in the United Kingdom. It’s a bit different than the traditional 75-ball bingo which is played  here in the United States. While many are not familiar with 90-Ball bingo, it’s easy to get the hang of, but it may take a couple of games to figure out what’s going on. To learn more about the cool features of 90-ball bingo, click here.  You can also learn more about it on site, under the 90-Ball Bingo tab.

The biggest difference between the UK 90 and US 75Ball bingo is obviously the number balls. Both games require matching numbered balls to numbers on a bingo card(s) or ticket(s). With 90 -Ball bingo each ticket has 9 columns and three rows. Each row has printed 5 numbers, totaling 15 numbers per card (5×3). The goal is to get all of the numbers completed on a given row. Each time another row is completed, another player wins. So that means there are 3 winners in every game. Not just one winner like in the US versions of bingo.

Need a little practice? No problem! Tropicana will let you play for free with the chance to win real bonus money. The best part of free bingo is that its for an unlimited number of games. But listen up!  It’s the early days of bingo in New Jersey, and Tropicana is giving away more than their fair share to create a vibrant bingo community so this amazing opportunity may not last forever. Take advantage of it while you can!  Tropicana is really giving you more ways to win. Currently, Tropicana offers access to their bingo site from two different sites: and Both sites take you to the same place so don’t get confused. The point here is that they are stressing the importance of free! Free is great, but know there are some drawbacks. (See How to Play for additional information).

While we like the free games, the paid bingo is even better. When you raise the stakes by buying as little as 6 tickets for $1 (1 strip of 6 tickets), you are automatically entered into two community jackpots. The first is the bingo only Super Jackpot which is reached if any of your tickets complete all three lines (full house) in 51 balls or less. If you hit the Super Jackpot, you win $200 for a $1 ticket and $400 for a $2. But Tropicana is about MORE! So if someone else hits the Super Jackpot while you’re playing, you win a share of 50% of the prize pool (the other 50% goes to the actual winner). Your share of the Super Jackpot increases the more you purchase.

The best kept secret that no one tells you about is that when you pay for at least one bingo strip, not only are you eligible for the bingo only Super Jackpot but you are also then automatically included to win TropicanaCasino’s general Community Jackpot, available to anyone who has paid to play in either the casino or bingo within the past hour. So be on the lookout for the number of keys hovering over the treasure chest.


You could the lucky winner!  Just as the name implies, Tropicana’s Community Jackpot is networked across Tropicana and Virgin Casino, and pays 50% to the winner who is the key holder and 50% to the eligible community.

Wait there is MORE!  In addition to the Super Jackpot and Community Jackpot for paying players, Tropicana offers an incredibly generous first time deposit rebate. With your first deposit, you are entitled of a rebate of your losses, up to $100 within the first 7 days. You want your shot at the Super and Community Jackpots? It’s almost risk free. Almost all losses associated your first deposit will be refunded right to your account. This is almost too good to be true. So, what are you waiting for?

Tropicana Casino, operates on the Gamesys platform, one largest and most experienced operators in the world and also owner of, Tropicana’s sister site. For those of you who enjoy the sport of bonus hunting, you my notice that Virgin and Tropicana offer a similar experience. That is true. The biggest differentiator are  their promotions and loyalty program so keep coming back to Smart Choice Casino to find out the latest greatest offers that keep these sites apart!

Notable Features




Super Jackpot
(Bingo Only)


Community Jackpot
(All Players)


Daily Free Game
(All Players)


Loyalty Program


Generous Welcome
Rebate Bonus

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Smart Choice Likes

Super Jackpots

Super Jackpots are truly unique to Tropicana. Not just in New Jersey, but anywhere in the world! Similar to Tropicana’s Community Jackpots, Super Jackpots are offered in conjunction with sister site Virgin Casino and act as a progressive across both sites. How to hit the Super Jackpot? The Super Jackpot is a fixed cash prize awarded to the first paid player who wins full-house (all three lines) within 51 balls or less. The fixed amount is determined by the strip price you select ($1, $2 or $5). The higher the strip price, the more you can win! The best part of the Super Jackpot? You don’t need to be the actual winner to win. Yup that’s right! If you purchase a ticket for the same game that a Super Jackpot is hit, you are entitled to a share of 50% of the prize. The value of your share is depends on the number of strips you purchase (1 strip = 6 tickets) and the strip price ($1, $2 or $5). Just more ways to win at!


Online Play Earns Free Play on the Casino Floor

Did you read this right? Yes you did. TropicanaCasino is the only casino in New Jersey that allows your online play to earn free play on the casino floor. Sure you can win comps, upgrades as well as free play for online play at other sites, but it’s only at TropicanaCasino that your online play actually earns free play on the casino floor. What are you waiting for? Start earning now before your next trip sneaks up on you! Sign-up, deposit and get that free play going.

Multi-Stake Bingo

Not sure how much you want to play on any given bingo game? That’s okay, Tropicana has you covered! Tropicana offers you various buy-in price points plus an option just to play for free. Not everyone has the same wagering appetite and Tropicana understands that. From 10 am to 5 pm you can either play for free, or purchase a strip of 6 tickets for either $1 or $2 per strip. For those night owls, the excitement gets a little hotter! From 5 pm to 11 am, you have the choice of free, $1 or up to $5 per strip. The higher the strip price, the higher the prize. So what are you waiting for?

Overall Score

SCORE 9.5 / 10

Tropicana Casino recently took the trophy as Casino Operator of the Year at the prestigious EGaming Review award ceremony. They certainly have the right mix of simplicity and sophistication.  From registration to withdrawal, the onboarding and overall player experience is flawless. Tropicana recently added bingo to their award winning casino site which allows bingo players to benefit from all of the existing great casino offers, including daily free games, community jackpots and a loyalty program that has made Tropicana Casino one of the leading online casinos in New Jersey.


Site Design

SCORE 9.5 / 10 is one of the best designed in New Jersey. From the sliding menu button that takes care of all of your non-gaming needs to the Daily free games, every button has been thought through to make sure your experience is clutter free. Often, simplicity is more difficult to pull off, but Tropicana hit it just right. Here are some of the highlights that makes Tropicana a step above:


Great layout that is easy to understand. Customer service is there every step of the way to make sure your questions are answered in real time.


4 Digit Social Security

Tropicana along with sister site Virgin have been the only two sites to only require the last four digits of your social security number. The need to collect it has been a federal government requirement as part of the Patriot Act in 2001. Tropicana and Virgin were clever to figure out a way to securely identify you without needing you to share all 9 digits. Tropicana and Virgin were more recently join by Resorts as the latest casino to join the 4 digit SSN initiative. If privacy is something you value, then Tropicana is your place to play.



Strong Authentication

Each time you log into the Tropicana site or mobile app, you will be sent a 4 digit security code to your cell phone which you have 3 minutes to enter (otherwise a new code must be sent). Most other sites may ask you to do this once, but Tropicana is asking each time you log on. While this can be a little bit of extra work, know that this is for your own security. You will never have to worry about someone potentially breaking into your account! You will always be alerted asking for that for digit code.

Super & Community Jackpots

While other sites offer progressive jackpots, no other site offers community jackpots that payout to everyone playing the site. No matter what game you are playing so long as you have wagered a casino or bingo game within the past hour you’re entitled to win your share of the pot. The winner receives 50% while the rest is split amongst the community. While Super Jackpots work similarly as Community Jackpots, they are only eligible for bingo players and only won when you or another player hits full house (all 3 lines) within 51 balls or less. The more you play the more chance you have to win.


Overall, Tropicana Casino website design and functionality lives up to their promise of MORE!
There is no clutter and no confusions: simple, elegant and chic. It’s the way we like it!

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Game Choice

SCORE 9.5 / 10

As the first site to offer online bingo in New Jersey, Tropicana’s score for Game Content selection ticked up a notch. Tropicana’s bingo offering is one of the most unique versions for a variety of reasons. The site offers single bingo room for both free and paying players, creating a more vibrant player experience. In addition pooling players with Virgin Casino also increases the prize pool as well as chances for you to win the Super Jackpot. Tropicana Casino integrated the bingo with their award winning casino site, making sure there is never a dull moment in between games.

Single, Multi-Stake Room

Tropicana offers you the ability to choose from a variety of prices per strip that suits your comfort level. You have the option of Free, $1 or $2 per strip by day (10 am to 5 pm) and Free, $1 or $5 per strip in the evening (5 pm to 11 pm). Free players only get 1 strip of 6 tickets per game, while paying players may purchase up to 10 strips (60 tickets). No matter how many tickets you buy, you always have a choice of the price per strip. Traditionally, bingo operators place the $1 players in one room and the $2 or $5 strip player in a separate room, keeping things easy for the operator to account. This is bad for the player experience as it cuts up the prize pool into different rooms and it can be difficult sometimes to get enough players for higher staking games, especially in the early days like now. Tropicana, however, was clever and figured out a way to put all players across all price points in the same room to create the maximum prize pool. This also has created a more vibrant chat community that is active all day long. That’s fantastic for players!


Networked Bingo

Tropicana, working in conjunction with Virgin Casino, offers a single pool across both sites. So when you’re playing bingo or chatting in the rooms, you may be playing with either a Tropicana or Virgin player. This helps maximize the total number of players contributing to the pot and more players also helps the possibility of hitting that Super Jackpot!

Non-Bingo Games

Tropicana offers an array of traditional casino games, often found on the casino floor. Currently, Tropicana boasts 58 slots, 11 table games and 4 video poker. While this isn’t largest number of casino games in New Jersey, it is a high caliber list of games including many of the popular slot titles often found on the casino floor. Many bingo sites, offer a fun selection of mini-casino games directly in the bingo area, making it easy for you to access without missing any of the bingo action. While this isn’t an option right now, we do expect Tropicana to launch mini-side games in the next few months.  So make sure you sign up for the Smart Choice Casino newsletter and we will be sure to let you know when they are live! Just more ways to entertain you!


Sign-Up Bonus

SCORE 9.5 / 10

Welcome Sign-Up Bonus Package

Since launch of the online casino, Tropicana has offered players a truly unique experience down to the innovative Welcome Bonus Package.  At Tropicana you actually earn real cash not just bonus money that is not withdrawable. The welcome package plays like a rebate allowing you to claim up to $100 of your losses with the first deposit. This bonus is a huge departure of from the complicated registration and first deposit bonuses offered by most other online gaming operators. Tropicana bundled the registration and the deposit into one more generous offer! If your luck happens to run against you, you get your losses back up to $100 from your first deposit, and the cash is immediately withdrawable! You can basically try any game you want and its pretty much risk free! What are you waiting for?!

Almost all other online casinos in New Jersey, offering eye watering sign-up bonuses which includes  a free bonus of $10 or $20 at registration, which is all bonus money and  not withdrawable, plus a first time cash match deposit of $300 or even $1,000 on Betfair. While this is enticing, the wagering requirements and bonus money constraints can be daunting, depending on the type of player you are.

Tropicana did away with all of that and simplified the sign-up bonus into one single generous promotion that rebates your first deposit, up to $100 cash back for any losses incurred within the first 7 days of the first deposit and first wager. There are a couple of rules to follow so make sure you read carefully so you get the biggest bang for your buck.

Sign-Up Bonus Rules to be Eligible

New Patrons of who place a first deposit of not less than $10  and  place a First Wager are eligble to receive one of the following,

(1)   If their Net Losses exceeds 90% of the their first deposit at any time within 7 calendar days after placing their First Deposit and First Wager, the value of their First Deposit, up to a maximum of $100 in cash, or

(2)   If their Net Losses does not exceed 90% of their First Deposit after the end of 7 calendar days after placing the First Deposit and First Wager, the value of their Net Losses up to a maximum of $100 in cash.

All players are subject to a 1x play through requirement, which means they must wager at least the same amount they deposited. This is hardly a difficult hurdle to achieve.

Bonuses and Promotions

SCORE 9.5 / 10

Tropicana promises more ways to win and boy do they mean it! Each of their promotions are designed to keep you coming back for more. From the daily free games, to the Community and Super Jackpots (bingo players only) down to the stream new of seasonal, weekly and other timely offers. There is so much to choose from, it’s hard to pick our favorite promotion! Tropicana’s promotions can be best broken down into two categories (1) perennial promotions which are a consistent part of the Tropicana Casino offering and (2) Seasonal or timely offers which vary according to the time of year.

Smart Choice Bingo

Just make your first deposit of $10 or more and place a wager. If luck doesn’t come your way, we’ve got your net losses covered with up to $100 Cash Back on the value of your first deposit.

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Smart Choice Bingo

You don’t have to wait for a bonus to get more bang for your buck. With Trop Points, you’ll get rewarded just for playing your favorite games. For every $15 you play on 90 Ball Bingo, for every $40 you bet playing Slots, or for every $100 you bet on all other games, you’ll earn 1 Trop Point. After you’ve collected 20 Trop Points, you can redeem them for Bonus Money. Simple.

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Smart Choice Bingo

We’re putting a new spin on getting something for nothing with our free games – and you’re going to want to come back daily to play. Just play Tiki’s Catch of the Day every day of the month for a chance to win free spins. On each day that you play, you’ll collect a special shell. Come back on the last day of the month to open your shells and see what you’ve won.

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Smart Choice Bingo

We are proud to offer a premium VIP loyalty program to our most valued players.
Our VIPs receive personalized service from our dedicated VIP team who are on hand 5 days a week from 9:30am to 6:00pm to assist you with your questions or concerns.

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Smart Choice Bingo

We’ve got jackpots and community prizes up for grabs, and when one person hits the jackpot, more than just the winner will feel the rush of excitement as they get showered with rewards. If you’ve played within the last hour, you will be paid a share of the community prize even if you are not online at the time!

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Loyalty and VIP Program

SCORE 8.5 / 10

Any hard and fast rules about TropicanaCasino’s VIP program isn’t written on the site but you can find information about the VIP program in the FAQ (no hyperlink). The qualification to become a VIP seems quite subjective and is based on the level of play. Tropicana Casino take responsible gaming very seriously and it states in the FAQ that ‘all members that qualify to become a VIP must do so by playing at their natural level of play’, meaning don’t wager too much just to qualify.

If you are interested in learning more about how to qualify, below if the following information to contact the VIP team.

Phone: 201 885 5371

Deposit / Withdrawal

SCORE 8.5 / 10

Depositing at Tropicana Casino has never been easier. Tropicana has 8 different methods to make deposits into your gaming account. Not all deposit methods allow you withdraw in the same fashion. ACH is by far the easiest method for deposit and withdraw but may now be the choice for everyone. I have put together deposit and withdraw information that will help you in making a decision for depositing method.

achInstant E-Check (ACH)

This method will have you playing immediately. You will need your routing number, account number, and the name on the bank account must match the name on the account you are depositing into.

If you have deposited using ACH, you can withdraw using ACH, Neteller, Cash at the casino cage, or a check. Bring your identification if you are going to the casino cage.

Online Bank Transfer

You can transfer funds from your bank to your casino account. (Participating Banks) This deposit may take a couple of days as your funds will need to clear the banks.

You can withdraw ACH, Check, or Cash at casino cage.

Screen Shot 2015-04-28 at 12.00.05 AMMastercard & Visa

Using your Master Card or Visa can get a bit tricky because not all bank want to recognize the Banking codes for Legal Online Casino’s. Most banks will view this transaction as a Cash Advance fee, so check with you bank to make sure you are not getting charged extra.

If you have deposited with a credit card you cannot withdraw using it. You will be able to supply a bank account to do an ACH withdraw, be sent a check, or cash at the casino cage.

Screen Shot 2015-04-28 at 12.00.13 AMPay Near Me

If you are near a 7-eleven this may be a good option for you.  You can log into your account, Once you do the transaction on your Virgin account, you will get a bar code, either print it or send to a smart phone. Take the barcode to a 7-Eleven or Family Dollar along with the cash, and your account will be funded.

To withdraw funds you must provide a bank account number, request a check in the mail, or pick up at the casino cage.

Screen Shot 2015-04-28 at 12.00.18 AMSkrill

Setting up a Skrill account is quick and easy. They will send you a pre-paid Skrill MasterCard that can be used anywhere MasterCard is accepted. You can deposit and withdraw funds on your Skrill card. After setting up your Skrill account and funding it, you’re ready to deposit and play. The initial set up for Skrill take a few minutes but will make online transaction fats in the future.

If you have deposited with Skrill you can only deposit back to your Skrill account.

Screen Shot 2015-04-28 at 12.00.21 AMNETTELLER

Allows secure online payments, withdrawals, and deposits. Fund this pre-paid MasterCard with your Bank issued MasterCard. Fees apply when making a deposit to your account. Contact your bank for details.

You can withdraw using Neteller, ACH, check, or cash at casino cage.

Screen Shot 2015-04-28 at 12.09.40 AMCash At The Casino

If you are in Atlantic City, New Jersey you can make a deposit/ withdrawal at the Casino cage at Tropicana Casino & Resort.

Customer Service

SCORE 9.0 / 10

Always at your service: Helping you throughout your stay on Tropicana Casino is their priority. From the moment you sign-on to when you are ready to depart, customer service is there to help you. No need to hint for that help sign on this site. Tropicana anticipates you may need help and proactively send a message right on your screen to assist you in any way. Registration, deposit to changing a deposit method, this well trained staff rarely doesn’t have the answer.  Don’t want to chat with service rep? that’s okay! They have a very intelligent FAQ which will help with all of the most popular questions.